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Time and place for the Estonian Health Fair 2020

Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 10:00-17:00 in Tallinn, TalTech Spordihoone, free admission.

Welcome to the Estonian Health Fair - Move!

The Estonian Health Fair – Move!  was fun and informative

Held for the first time ever on 22 September, the Estonian Health Fair – Move! attracted a vast number of visitors and featured a dense and informative program. There were more than 125 companies and fitness clubs presenting their products and services on Freedom (Vabaduse) Square. The Estonian Health fair brought together all kinds of health-related professionals, including manufacturers and importers, service providers and opinion leaders. 

According to Ott Kiivikas, the patron of the Health Fair and the Sports Week, the Estonian Health Fair – Move! is a large-scale celebration of health and fitness, which unites all the professionals operating in the sphere of health with consumers and contributes to boosting people’s interest in adopting a healthy lifestyle, which is exactly the mission of the Health Fair. 

On the stage of the Car-Free Day organized by Tallinn Environment Department as well as the stage “Healthy Life Years”, which was set up by Tallinn Social Welfare and Health Care Department for the purpose of general public education, visitors could obtain information and knowledge about health and fitness, listen to interesting speeches and see a variety of workshops. Raul Adlas, the director of Tallinn Emergency Medical Service and moderator of the public education stage: “Statistics show that people’s self-destructive behavior, including alcohol consumption, is on the decrease. The population holds healthy habits in higher and higher regard, and we need such major events to make sure that these trends continue.” Ene Tomberg, senior specialist at Tallinn Social Welfare and Health Care Department, adds her own recipe of staying healthy: “Enough sleep, daily physical activity, proper healthy eating and staying in a good mood are the foundations of a healthy lifestyle!”

The grand Health Day was opened by Martin Kõrv guiding people through Vikerraadio radio station’s legendary morning exercises, which have been waking up entire generations in Estonia for decades. At 13:00, a roll of drums accompanied the opening of the Sports Week 2018, which also featured an impressive show for the spectators. The patrons of the Sports Week Sandra Raju, Gerd Kanter, Ott Kiivikas and Allar Levandi as well as leading figures of the Estonian Olympic Committee had formed a drum band for this festive event. In the fitness area, athletes were giving autograph and answering people’s questions. 

Free of charge for visitors, the family fair had a separate area of hobby sports and fitness “Mens sana in corpore sano” (A healthy mind in a healthy body) on Kaarli Boulevard, which was set up in collaboration with Tallinn Sports and Youth Department and introduced dozens of sports as well as training and fitness opportunities, providing opportunities to ask specialists for advice or meet famous athletes. In addition, the Estonian Olympic Committee and the Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum had prepared a special exhibition displaying actual Olympic torches and mascots of Olympic Games while old-time training equipment was there for trying out. 

The Estonian Health Fair also provided important information about food and featured booths where visitors could have their blood level of vitamin D tested, receive a flu vaccine or have an express HIV test anonymously on the spot, which proved to be very much in demand. Naturally, the food sold at the fair was healthy, for which the Estonian BBQ Association had set up a thematic food court “Grill for your health!”. The menu contained vegan burgers, meat-free hot dogs, high-quality pork and grilled tomatoes with forest mushroom filling. 

Tallinn Transport Department started the traditional public transport orienteering competition in front of the Car-Free Day stage. During the race, the participants had to cover as many checkpoints as they could within 2 hours, using public transport to do so at any opportunity. The competition was held in four different events, and Mehis Muru was crowned the absolute winner among five hundred participants. 

Car-Free Day bike rides and hikes organized for city residents by Tallinn Environment Department and accompanied by guides’ explanations were popular this year, too.

During the day, the winners of the 8thand last FitGames event as well as the season’s absolute winners were announced on Freedom Square. FitGames is a series of competitions challenging the participants’ general physical fitness level, and each event involves a variety of exercises for different muscle groups. The FitGamer with the fewest weaknesses in their fitness level is the best. Additional information:

During the ‘Health Achievement of the Year’ 2018 award gala, awards and badges of merit with the right of public display were given to mark the achievements which professional associations and organization operating in the sphere of health and fitness considered to be worthy of recognition and public attention. The first ever gala distinguished 13 winners. Additional information:

The Estonian Health Fair - Move! was organized in cooperation with Tallinn Environment Department, Tallinn Social Welfare and Health Care Department, Tallinn Transport Department and Tallinn Sports and Youth department. 

The Estonian Health Fair would like to thank all of its participants and partners for the informative and emotional event!

On behalf of the organizers,
Merle Truubon

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The mission of the Health Fair is to increase the health awareness of the Estonian people.  

The Estonian Fairs will organize the Health Fair in cooperation with the City of Tallinn and with other partners in the healthcare sector. The Health Fair is organized in the framework of the International Car-Free Day and the Green Movement Month.

The Estonian Health Fair is a nationwide communication project promoting healthy behavior by way of facilitating more effective mediation of health information through the web, television, Estonian and Russian newspapers and a free-of-charge access to the square of the fair. 

Held on Vabaduse (Freedom) Square, the Health Fair offers new insights into the physical, mental and social well-being of health. The fair includes an educational stage program, new knowledge of sports opportunities and health products and services. On the Square, you can obtain food information, check your health and taste and enjoy healthy food.

The Health Fair is a family event, everyone is welcome to visit. The Fair will include practical folk training programs "Mens sana in corpore sano" (“A healthy mind in a healthy body” - Juvenal), during which will be sharing knowledge and practical skills necessary for everyday life. Public education materials will be published online and in the fair's newspaper.

The visitor to the Square will get information about the following topics:

  • What does a healthy lifestyle mean?
  • What does excessive sitting do to us?
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Balanced diet
  • Measurement of body composition, blood pressure and blood glucose, eye control
  • Where to go to work out?
  • Healthy living years
  • What is the most suitable workout for a beginner?
  • Estonian health trails
  • Active rest
  • How to motivate yourself to move actively?
  • What are the best shoes for running?
  • Nutrition, before or after a workout?
  • What are the healthiest snacks between meals?
  • What is the best outfit during a workout? (For example, running, at the gym, skiing, etc.)
  • Vitamins and food supplements
  • How to be physically active on a regular basis?
  • Gymnastics at work
  • Different opportunities for outdoor movement
  • Physical activity and body weight
  • Blood indicators and the health status required to tolerate physical activity
  • Dangers of excessive training, injuries, and first aid
  • Movement advice for the elderly

See you at the Vabaduse (Freedom) Square in Tallinn, at the Estonian Health Fair - Move! 


The address of the Fair is Tallinn, Vabaduse (Freedom) Square

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Tallinn is a great city and worth to be discovered and also enjoyed before and after the Fair:  

For the exhibitor

The Estonian Health Fair is an advertising, promotional and communication project aimed at presenting exhibitors' products and services in the national and international media and in a large fair on an open Square.

An entertaining fair with free access for visitors and taking place in an attractive location is a good opportunity for companies in the field to meet a large number of customers, get immediate feedback from them, and make sales.

All those who are somehow engaged in the health field are welcome to participate as exhibitors: large and small manufacturers of healthcare products, retailers and wholesalers, health-related organizations and opinion leaders. 

Good reasons for participating in the Estonian Health Fair:

  • The Health Fair is a major event for all people with healthy lifestyles, including those working in the field of health;
  • At the fair, the visitor can enter free of charge;
  • On the stages: it is possible to use the stage time for health-related performances and receive airtime for the presentation of audio advertisements;
  • Participation in the fair for an exhibitor is at a reasonable price and commercially useful;
  • The fair takes place in an attractive and easily accessible location beloved by people;
  • Exhibitors can also advertise in the nationwide media, fair newspapers and TV shows;
  • In terms of structure and content, the participants are precisely positioned: the square is divided into thematic areas;
  • The Fair has a reasonable length of time and there is enough time for everyone interested to get information;
  • Making all sorts of arrangements with the organizers of the fair is easy and professional;

For participation, contact us. The number of exhibitors is limited! Move!

Merle Truubon korraldajaMerle Truubon
Organizer of the Health Fair, 


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